Bacon and Biscuits (vegan and gluten-free)

Did I mention we don’t always eat health food? There’ll be a salad later in the week. Let this be a cautionary tale: You can limit your diet and still eat lovely tasty unhealthy things that will kill you dead if you eat them all the time. (Our clown chef isn’t feeling so hot after all this fried food.)

I’m testing out the AP flour from Jules Gluten Free in preparation for trying her king cake recipe. So I decided to do something very basic. We’d been talking about the possibility of biscuits and almond gravy. We didn’t have smoked almonds this morning, but we did have some experimental thin-sliced tofu from the Asian market. So we decided to marinate it and make it into bacon! Maybe next time we’ll slather and bake instead of frying the bacon.

For the biscuits, I wanted to use my Earth Balance margarine, and I searched for a biscuit recipe that was made with margarine and didn’t have any buttermilk required. I used Kraft’s recipe, trading out for soy milk. They said to bake the biscuits for 10 minutes, but they just didn’t look done. I kept adding time for 7 or 9 minutes after my 10 minutes expired, and then I took one out and realized it was hard on the outside. I got a tiny bit of brown, but not much. I’ll try a different recipe next time. They’re a little wet on the inside. They’re tasty and edible though.

The thin slices of tofu from the Asian market are already tasty, it turns out. They already taste like food, with a little 5 spice in the mix, before you do anything to it. We cut them into strips about 1″x4″, dredged them through marinade very quickly, and threw them into a light layer of grapeseed oil. The later batches ended up with really nice flavor from the dark fried marinade bits, until it got too full of black stuff. Expect to dredge black stuff out after a few batches and add oil. How long to fry them is up to you, but don’t expect it to brown up like bacon. We ran out of tamari part of the way through and had to mix later marinade batches without it, compensating with extra Bragg’s and extra maple syrup.

Go chu jang (Korean hot sauce). Be careful to check the label! This is the only one we’ve found without gluten: Go Chu Jang that shouldn't kill a celiac
gluten-free tamari
not too much liquid smoke
Bragg’s liquid aminos
nutritional yeast
maple syrup


Assembly: thin tofu slices, marinade, pan fry

In process: sliced tofu, marinade, and the pan of hot oil.

Finished biscuits

Biscuits ready to eat

I didn’t think to take a picture of the biscuit-tofubacon-mango butter sandwich, but it was tasty that way.

Bon appetit! Don’t eat like this all the time!


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  1. jules says:

    Next time you try biscuits, have a go at my recipe. It’s also vegan! Glad you’re having fun experimenting with my flour! :)
    Recipe + cooking Video:

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